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Service Projects

The various projects that we are involved with include.

  • Host the Blood Donor Clinics in Chatham, we provide manpower and food.
  • $2,500 scholarship each year to a James M. Hill graduate.
  • Vocational Service Award of $500 each year to a James M. Hill graduate.
  • Send one student each year from James M. Hill to Ottawa for the Adventure in Citizenship Program.
  • Send a student to Camp Rotary each year, sometimes two.
  • Host the Honors and Awards Banquet.
  • Participate in the July 1st parade.
  • Supplied instruments to the Rotary Band.
  • Support the Salvation Army.
  • Support the Newcastle Rotary Pond Hockey Tournament.
  • Support the Rotary Turnaround Awards for Anglophone North School District.
  • Contribute $500 each year to Safe Grad.
  • Support the Rotary Cross Canada Tour.
  • Participated in the Rotary Friendship Exchange.
  • Participated in the Drug Awareness Program. Built a float for the Santa Parade & Canada Day Parade.
  • Purchased a bus for Miramichi Physically Disabled.
  • Sold tickets on a Hummer.
  • Established a lifeline for the Senior Citizens.
  • Purchased two vans for the Senior Citizens.
  • Assist with the breakfast program for local schools.
  • Purchased a computer for the Chatham Public Library.
  • Purchased a wheelchair accessible door for the Chatham Public Library.
  • Participate in the Junior Achievement Program on the Miramichi.
  • Participate each year in the Rotary Group Study Exchange.
  • Purchased an elevator for the senior’s home.
  • Purchased a portable computer operated defibrillator for the Miramichi police.
  • Purchased a thermal imaging camera for the Miramichi Fire Department.
  • Participate each year in the annual Spring Litter Cleanup
  • Actively support the Literacy Council. These are some of our activities.
  • Charter the Interact Club at James M. Hill High School.
  • Miramichi Dragon Boat Festival
  • Support the Miramichi Food Bank
  • Support Miramichi Adult Literacy
  • Contribute to the Miramichi Youth House
  • Yearly we support a family in the Early Intervention Christmas Program

We have a variety of backgrounds and we all bring a strength to the club, we have fun at our meetings, we enjoy each others company and we try to make our community a better place.  We try to go on one or two fun trips per year to a maple sugar camp, barbecue, sleigh ride, or a bus trip to a secret destination. We hope you enjoy your experience in Rotary. Get involved, give ideas, have fun!!!

Funds necessary to operate the Rotary Club of Chatham are provided by the members themselves. No portion of contributed funds go towards members’ or club expenses.